Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Weekly Running Miles for 3/25/13 - 3/31/13

Another late start to a running week doing nothing on Monday through Wednesday. But I finished with some good runs later in the week. I forget what night it was but earlier in the week I had to stay up late (2am) for work which (with my lazy body) meant no running early in the morning. And I've discovered if I'm not able to get out the door to run in the morning then it will most likely not happen. Too much stuff comes up later in the day. Thursday at about mile 2 I caught my buddy Wyatt coming off of a side street and we were able to run together for about half a mile or so. It's always motivating running with friends. Knowing they got up just like you before the sun came up. Battling cold and tiredness. It's especially motivating running with Wyatt because the man is a beast and I know he's out there 7 DAYS A WEEK. That's where I'm hoping to get soon.

Day Mileage Comments
Monday Lazy I hate being lazy.
Tuesday Lazy
Wednesday Lazy Embarrassing pattern has developed.
Thursday 9.1 Tomahawk long loop. Felt great.
Friday 8.1 Tomahawk short loop. Tired but battled.
Saturday Rest Work commitment.
Sunday 13.0 Ran from Castle Rock to Parker.
Total 30.2 Bit more respectable than last week.

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